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May 7, 6: Thanks to everyone who's answered including the sarcastic ones. This is just my first Apple computer, not like it's an excuse. Guess I'll just stick with it until I can afford a used Macbook Pro. May 7, 8: Now that you have made it through the gauntlet, tell us what app you need to run that require Intel.

Maybe there are some other solutions for you. May 9, I'm currently using Safari as my web browser.

powerpc - Is it possible to change a PPC Mac into an Intel-based Mac? - Super User

I've been looking for a Frostwire download, but the latest one I was able to find was 4. It only stays at "starting connection" when my internet connection is perfectly fine. Any later update will ask for Java update 1.

Does Apple even allow those kind of programs? And as for document creating programs, I use OpenOffice. It's not an exact mirror of MS Office, but it gets the job done.

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Especially for a college student with a low budget. May 9, 9: Its apparent you need to run apps which require an Intel.. No reason to keep harping on it.. Just get an Intel Mac and you will be able to run all the apps your little heart desires..

Give Your Intel Or PPC Mac A New Lease Of Life

While PPC is great for everyday use and I own a few myself, the writing is now on the wall.. Why don't you send him some Ukrainian Hryvnia and he can purchase a brand new MacBook; or. Its like US Dollars I think..

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But, ok.. I might be able to help him out..

Upgrade PowerPC iMac to Intel processor

Also, how did u upload that?? I can never figure out how to upload images to the forums.. May 10, 1: Jul 23, 7: So big brother removed my original post , so hopefully they will like this More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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Ask a question. User profile for user: Use this article to determine which iMac G4 it is:. Note, USB 2 was added and The Mhz combo drive model. The G5 supported Classic. And when upgraded past It could though run up to Mac OS X That does not support syncing with iOS 6 or later, as this tip explains:.

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This model as it appears below is clearly Intel. Newer models may only support Mac OS X Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: For more on that, see this tip: If you have Boot camp installed, you don't have PPC. If you have Mac OS 8.

Airport compatibility is here: See this image to determine if they have Firewire ports: Use this article to determine which iMac G4 it is: