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Step 5: Set the Incoming Mail Server to pop3. Set the User Name as your mail box name and enter Password, then click Continue. Step 7: Set Authentication to Password and click Continue. Step Your account summary will be displayed.

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Check mark Take Account Online and click Create. It is known as Internet Message Access Protocol. In case of POP3, email is downloaded from a server to a single computer, and then it is deleted from the server. Step 5: Set the Incoming Mail Server to imap.

Set the User Name and enter Password, then click Continue. Step 8: Your account summary will be displayed. This protocol is introduced by Microsoft and all email items are stored on the central Exchange mail server that can be checked using a capable mail client such as MS Outlook.

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Messages can also be saved in local folders locally offline. Step 3: Select Exchange and click Continue.


Step 4: Type your name, email address and password, click Continue. EI Capitan users may not see this window and set the description to identify your account. Step 6: Set the Incoming Mail Server to mail. Step 8: Mac OS Enjoy your free mail app courtesy of mail. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy.

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