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The Aqua was the lickable new visual theme for the system, with blue scrollbars, squishy buttons and a new gadget called The Dock. The Chess application which debuted with Cheetah has changed little in ten years!

Big cats have been with us since. Jaguar offered notable performance improvements, better printing options, and introduced Quartz Extreme graphics.

MacOS facts for kids

The iLife suite and Digital Hub concepts made their debut as this time, the iPhoto icon was added to dock and the iTunes icon changed to purple. The OS was very snappy and useable, and most early filesharing and networking issues were finally resolved.

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Of course, that meant rehiring Apple's ousted leader. Jobs soon retook the helm as Apple's CEO.

The Cheetah Thread (Mac OS X 10.0)

The X, enthusiasts have neurotically noted, stands for "10" to represent its version number, and is thus not to be pronounced "ex. The OS promised improved stability and delivered a new "Aqua" user interface along with backward compatibility for the earlier Mac OS 9.

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Like most first-generation products, Mac OS X was rough: Many features were missing, and it suffered from a number of compatibility issues. For example, DVD playback and CD burning were not supported, and many pieces of external hardware were incompatible with the system.

La evolución de Mac OS X, desde Cheetah hasta Lion

Apple has been trying to produce a successor to the classic Mac OS for almost 15 years. It's a tragicomic litany of code names: Pink, Taligent, Copland, Rhapsody. In the early days the Pink project was launched in , Mac users paid little attention to these efforts, confident that their current OS was the most advanced in the personal computer market.

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By late Apple began previewing the prototypes of its replacement Mac OS — known simply by its code name "Rhapsody" — to developers. New releases for Darwin and Server were roughly parallel until the final release of Mac OS X client, after which client and Server roughly paralleled each other. Public Beta had a tendency to kernel panic a lot, and a lot of features that people were used to from the Mac OS were missing. However, it did a lot to show off the progress that Mac OS X had made in four years, and help assuage some fears that were rooted in the Copland fiasco, and let people "play" with an advanced operating system on their Macs.