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If not, then create appropriate rules in the Security Policy Rule Base that allows encrypted traffic between community members. On the Participating Gateways page, add the gateways created in step 1. A VPN tunnel is now configured. On the Central Gateways page, Add On the Central Gateways page, select Mesh central gateways if you want the central gateways to communicate. On the Satellite Gateways page, click Add Select log as the tracking option. Open an appropriate connection, in this example FTP session from a host behind the first gateway to an FTP server behind the second.

Open SmartView Tracker and examine the logs. The connection appears as encrypted, as in Figure Figure Sample log. This is because: Configuration is done separately in two distinct systems. All details must be agreed and coordinated between the administrators. Details such as the IP address or the VPN domain topology cannot be detected automatically but have to be supplied manually by the administrator of the peer VPN gateways. The gateways are likely to be using different Certificate Authorities CAs.

There are various scenarios when dealing with externally managed gateways. The following description tries to address typical cases and assumes that the peers work with certificates. Although an administrator may choose which community type to use, the Star Community is more natural for a VPN with externally managed gateways. The Internal gateways will be defined as the central gateways while the external ones will be defined as the satellites. The decision whether to mesh the central, internal gateways or not depends on the requirements of the organization.

The diagram below shows this typical topology. Note that this is the Topology from the point of view of the administrator of gateways A1 and A2. The configuration instructions require an understanding of how to build a VPN. You also need to understand how to configure PKI. See Public Key Infrastructure on page Obtain the certificate of the CA that issued the certificate for the peer VPN gateways, from the peer administrator.

See Enrolling with a Certificate Authority on page You may have to export the CA certificate and supply it to the peer administrator. Define the Network Object s of the gateway s that are internally managed.

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Define the Network Object s of the externally managed gateway s. Set the various attributes of the peer gateway. If feasible, enforce details that appear in the certificate as well. Define the Community. The following details assume that a Star Community was chosen, but a Meshed Community is an option as well. If working with a Meshed community ignore the difference between the Central gateways and the Satellite gateways. Define the Central gateways. These will usually be the internally managed ones.

If there is no another Community defined for them, decide whether or not to mesh the central gateways.

Upgrade your Java as relevant to your OS:

If they are already in a Community, do not mesh the central gateways. Define the Satellite gateways. These will usually be the external ones. Define the relevant access rules in the Security Policy. Install the Security Policy. The following description tries to address typical cases but assumes that the peers work with pre-shared secrets. If working with a Mesh community ignore the difference between the Central gateways and the Satellite gateways. Agree on a pre-shared secret with the administrator of the external Community members.

For each external peer, enter the pre-shared secret. Some administrators prefer not to rely on implied rules, and instead prefer to define explicit rules in the Security Rule Base. Even if you define explicit rules in place of the implied rules, you may still not be able to install the policy.

Uninstall SecureClient and SNX from Mac

Figure and the following explanation illustrate the problem. Figure Turning off control connections can cause Policy installation to fail. To do this, the administrator must install a Policy from the SmartCenter Server to the gateways.

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  • The SmartCenter successfully install the Policy on gateway A. However, B does not yet have this Policy. Gateway A allows the connection because of the explicit rules allowing the control connections, and starts IKE negotiation with gateway B to build a VPN tunnel for the control connection.

    Gateway B does not know how to negotiate with A because it does not yet have the Policy. Therefore Policy installation on gateway B fails. The solution for this is to make sure that control connections do not have to pass through a VPN tunnel. To do this, add the services that are used for control connections to the Excluded Services page of the Community object.

    Note - Even though control connections between the SmartCenter Server and the gateway are not encrypted by the community, they are nevertheless encrypted and authenticated using Secure Internal Communication SIC. Note the services used in the Implied Rules. To route traffic to a host behind a gateway, an encryption domain must be configured for that gateway.

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    In Figure , one of the host machines behind gateway A initiates a connection with a host machine behind gateway B. Figure Simple VPN routing. If VPN routing is correctly configured but a Security Policy rule exists that does not allow the connection, the connection is dropped. For example: a gateway has a rule which forbids all FTP traffic from inside the internal network to anywhere outside.

    When a peer gateway opens an FTP connection with this gateway, the connection is dropped. For VPN routing to succeed, a single rule in the Security Policy Rule base must cover traffic in both directions, inbound and outbound, and on the central gateway. On the Star Community properties window, Central Gateways page, select the gateway that functions as the Hub.

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    On the Satellite Gateways page, select gateways as the spokes, or satellites. This allows connectivity between the gateways, for example if the spoke gateways are DAIP gateways, and the Hub is a gateway with a static IP address. To center, or through the center to other satellites, to internet and other VPN targets.


    This allows connectivity between the gateways as well as the ability to inspect all communication passing through the Hub to the Internet. Create an appropriate access control rule in the Security Policy Rule Base. Remember: one rule must cover traffic in both directions. The format is: Destination, Next hop, Install on Gateway with tabbed spaces separating the elements. See Figure for an example of how the file appears:. Double click on a Star or Meshed community. On the General properties page, select the Accept all encrypted traffic checkbox.

    In a Star community, click Advanced to choose between accepting encrypted traffic on Both center and satellite Gateways or Satellite Gateways only. Spokes A1 and A2 also need to route all traffic to one another through Hub A, the center of their star community Spoke B needs to route all traffic outside of its star community through Hub B.