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The programs are designed so that you can display individual remedies anywhere and you can also display the family groups. You can focus most windows on a particular family. For example you can limit the materia medica books in ReferenceWorks to only display the insect remedies or limit a search to syphilitic remedies that have a fear of death. ReferenceWorks searches the Internet for natural history, herbalism, side-effects, definitions and pictures. Type in a word or phrase and instantly find the exact symptom you need no matter where it may be hiding in over volumes of materia medica and repertories.

Now we come to what has made ReferenceWorks a revolution for homeopathy. As you search for symptoms you create rubrics that can then be analyzed just as though they came from a repertory. Actually, far better than from the repertory since these rubrics are a distillation of the whole library and are typically three to ten times more complete.

This means you will be ten times more likely to find the right remedy. The remedies are scored based on the importance each author gave them, how many authors suggested the remedy for the symptom and the rareness of the remedy. You can even fine-tune the results by selectively emphasizing the books you value the most.

MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks share all of the same graphic abilities. Every remedy in our materia medica has been placed in their correct natural category. We have created beautiful graphs to illuminate the families. There are a wide range of miasm, mineral, bacteria, fungi, plant and animal graphs. The graphs have three uses: first, to map out the kingdoms parts; second to show how prominent the family is in the current case; and third by clicking on the family to help you to focus the remedy analysis on just its members.

As an example, when you click on the snakes in the Animal Graph, a remedy graph appears with only the snake remedies analyzed for this case. Dragging a second family to the graph crosses the groups: sunflowers that are syphilitic or animals that are sycotic, and so on. Our competitively priced Academy Edition has all the essential tools you need to get started. Repertorize and study the materia medica with ease. The Foundation Edition comes equipped with all the basic repertorization and research tools needed to practice homeopathy with confidence.

This more advanced Edition comes complete with advanced family analysis features, an infinite number of strategies and all the resources you need. Our Visionary Edition features everything we have to offer and is ideal for the contemporary practitioner who wants a greater degree of versatility.

MacRepertory makes it easy to quickly select and analyze rubrics, get ideas for remedies, check the materia medica, do a bit of research and feel confident about your prescriptions. MacRepertory offers full functionality tools, such as sophisticated search tools and powerful analysis options as well as advanced customization and analysis features. Explore our five editions to find the combination of resources and price that suits your needs. MacRepertory is the perfect software for homeopaths who want a powerful, complete solution.

This helpful program provides room to grow as your learning expands — and serves as a teaching tool through its many books and resources. MacRepertory allows you to create and save patient charts complete with remedy plan and save the reasons why you selected a remedy; collect and save other remedies to consider; create graphs of your analysis, and much more. Having trouble remembering where a rubric is in a repertory? Conduct a word search and find it with the click of your mouse.

Conceived from the ground up to offer unparalleled decision support to the homeopath by combining results from an exhaustive statistical analysis of thousands of real-world successful prescriptions, with the experience and method of the internationally acclaimed master and pioneer of classical homeopathy, George Vithoulkas along with a dedicated team of homeopaths and researchers. Every feature of the VC toolbox was designed to empower you in choosing and confirming the correct remedy, while at the same time improving your productivity and honing your skill.

Backed by a team of professional developers and researchers who continuously support and optimize all functions.

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Proven track record: used by thousands of homeopaths all around the world with great success since Explore the updated and refined VC 3. Professor George Vithoulkas Professor George Vithoulkas is the founder of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy , a leading centre of excellence for homeopathic research and education, collaborating with homeopathic schools and medical universities around the world and offering homeopathic education of the highest level in Alonissos, Greece and through a distinguished E-learning Program.

Honorary Professor of the University of the Aegean, A state-of-the-art software platform in the service of the homeopathic community. What professional homeopaths say about VithoulkasCompass. Visit The Testimonials Page. Frans Vermeulen born in lives and works with his wife Linda Johnston in California. He originally worked as a primary school teacher in the Netherlands from to He then began to train as a homeopath in The Hague, opening his own practice in At the same time, he translated several works of homeopathy. Frans Vermeulen is recognized throughout the homeopathic world as an author, lecturer and authority on Materia Medica.

Each of the many books he has authored makes a contribution of major significance to our understanding of substances and Materia Medica. His lectures are inspiring and appreciated for their liveliness, depth of knowledge and breadth of factual information.

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Jeremy Sherr was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. He began his homeopathic studies in at the College of Homeopathy, London. He simultaneously completed a degree in Acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine. Though he practices classical homeopathy exclusively, his knowledge of Chinese Medicine shines through his homeopathic thinking. View the extensive list with more authors and collaborators for the complete picture! Minimum requirements.

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Zeus Soft is looking for some more users to test RadarOpus at various stages. If you are an enthusiastic, active RadarOpus user, you can be part of our Test Team. You will not get a test version where nothing is functional, as we do the alpha and beta testing internally.

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You will get the so called final beta version or the Field test, which should allow you to continue working with the new RadarOpus as usual. Your feedback will be considered while finalizing the next version, we consider you part of our development team. Whenever you want to resume working with your previous version, we will help you for free in case that would be needed. If you want to become a Test Team member: Contact your dealer so he is aware of your intentions and can be your first contact in case of any problems Make sure that all your personal data are backed up before installing a test version.

Tests should focus on the new and resolved issues of the version not be a wish list for the future. The relevant issues can be found in the What's New information. Do not only mention even minor problems but also major things that work, so we know what you have tested. Subsequent versions of RadarOpus are released following a strict procedure, installed to offer all RadarOpus users a smooth and easy transition to the next stable version.

This description will offer you some insight in the careful steps we take to achieve this. Choose this if: - You already own a license - RadarOpus is not currently installed OR you will uninstall first. Choose this if: - You already own a license - You want to update your existing RadarOpus install. OR If you have a running RadarOpus version 2.

This Update should only be installed on top of specific RadarOpus versions. Please carefully follow the 3 steps below. Look at the title bar of the program to find 2. Download the RadarOpus update 2. Open the Downloads folder on your computer and double click on the downloaded file to start the installation. For Windows: If the installation is blocked, please temporarily switch off your virus scanner , and try again. When you start RadarOpus the first time you will be asked to install some database updates.

This may take a few minutes , because of the amount of new data. When ready, please restart RadarOpus.

Welcome to RadarOpus. More info. Discover RadarOpus Do you still own a Radar? RadarOpus: Easy and Simple. All in one learn more All in one One suite and one interface gives access to all data and functions a homeopath needs, whether that is a Repertory, Materia Medica or Patient file information. One single search screen learn more One single search screen All types of information in all types of documents can be searched, starting from one and the same screen.

Unlimited back, forward and history buttons learn more Unlimited back, forward and history buttons RadarOpus keeps track of your position in Repertories and Materia Medicas. Integrated internet browsing learn more Integrated internet browsing RadarOpus contains an integrated internet browser, allowing surfing from within the program with the same back, forward and history buttons as for repertory and Materia Medica symptoms. Integrated translation tools learn more Integrated translation tools A translation tool by Google has been integrated in RadarOpus, allowing translation into 57 languages.

This can be used to: translate a repertory screen in any other language than the five official translations translate a Materia Medica screen e. Integrated links to databases learn more Integrated links to databases A single click access offers extra remedy information in the folowing databases: PassPort Vermeulen F. Mini The Mini engine will help you get started at a cheap price!

Silver The Silver engine has many more features to make your life easier!