How to see open processes on mac

In fact, the best way to clean up the process list is to restart your computer, which will clear out some unnecessary things. Comments 0.

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Show All Running Apps and Processes On Mac Using the Activity Monitor on Mac

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How To Disable Startup Programs In macOS Sierra

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Unnecessary Processes on macOS You Can Kill - Mac Optimization Software Reviews

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    Add your Comment. Macs are very stable, but not every Mac application is. The simplest way to for an application to quit is the aptly named Force Quit tool, which you can find under the Apple logo in the menu bar.

    How to use Activity Monitor on your Mac

    The Force Quit menu is a simple window, floating above all of your windows, with a list of currently running applications. In almost all cases, the application in question will close immediately. This means macOS is aware the application is having problems.