How to type superscript on mac

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Everything you need to craft your first draft. Scapple Get your thoughts onto the page and explore the connections between them. Forum Join the conversation. Ask a question or just get to know your fellow users. Post Reply. Quote Tue Mar 13, pm Post Can anyone explain exactly how to set up keyboard shortcuts for superscript and subscript? I tried to do this via System Prefs App Shortcuts but it does not work I tried assigning them to F16 and F Contact AmberV.

How do I type superscripts and subscripts using keyboard shortcuts?

It sounds like you have the right idea, but take note that the system is very literal. The menu name needs to be typed in precisely as you see it printed, and sometimes it helps to supply the whole path to the command as explained in that section. Maybe try something at or below F Quote Thu Mar 15, pm Post Still no success. The system just barks at me.

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  • Yes, so, please disregard my first reply to this thread -- contrary to my initial thoughts, our superscript and subscript shortcuts are fully functional. It seems to be working now, I did get a weird thing for a minute where I got a Superscript on a superscript, but no I can't reproduce it. I will post back if i find any other weirdness, thank you for your help.

    This bug still exists when using the Dvorak-Qwerty CMD keyboard layout, and shift doesn't make it work there.

    Problem: no shortcut for Superscript, a shortcut for subscript which should not work! - 문서 편집기 고객센터

    The same problem exists in Pages. I'd also argue that Pages' behavior is a bug, as it should really include Shift in the keyboard shortcut if you're supposed to hold shift.

    How to Type An Exponent On A Mac

    I don't think copying Pages' behavior is the right choice. The new Evernote Beta Program! Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted May 30, Is anyone else having these problems?

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    Posted June 1, Thanks for reporting the bug!