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All of the plugins have a temperature slider.

Temperature is a parameter used for sampling in the last layer of the neural network. You can think of it as controlling randomness: higher values produce more variation and sometimes even chaos, while lower values are more conservative in their predictions.

Melody input is limited to monophonic melodies one note at a time , and drums input uses this MIDI mapping. Give it an input clip and it can extend it by up to 32 measures. This can be helpful for adding variation to a drum beat or creating new material for a melodic track. It typically picks up on things like durations, key signatures and timing. It can be used to produce more random outputs by increasing the temperature.

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Select a clip which you would like to extend, then click Generate. The output clips will be added to the clip slots after your selected clip. Generate is similar to Continue , but it generates a 4 bar phrase with no input necessary. Choose where you would like the output to go, the number of variations, temperature, and click Generate. This can be helpful for breaking a creative block or as a source of inspiration for an original sample.

How to open Beatformer in Ableton Live (Mac)

Under the hood, Generate uses a Variational Autoencoder VAE that has been trained on millions of melodies and rhythms to learn a summarized representation of musical qualities. Generate chooses a random combination of these summarized qualities and decodes it back to MIDI to produce a new musical clip. Generate does not require any input files, so the clip selection determines where you'd like the output clips to go.

Unlike the other plugins, Interpolate takes two drum beats or two melodies as inputs. It then generates up to 16 clips which combine the qualities of these two clips. It's useful for merging musical ideas, or creating a smooth morphing between them.

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Each of your input patterns is represented by a position on this map. Interpolate draws a line between these positions and returns clips along this line.

The number of returned clips is set by the "steps" slider. Interpolate requires two inputs, and these inputs must be on the same track.

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The outputs are inserted after the second clip. The clips should be the same length and less than 4 measures. Groove adjusts the timing and velocity of an input drum clip to produce the "feel" of a drummer's performance. We recorded 15 hours of real drummers performing on MIDI drum kits.

These recordings were quantized, removing all velocity and microtiming and were used to train a neural network to predict the unquantized beats as the output. This is similar to the method used in Google's automatic language translation , but instead of words we are translating from quantized drum patterns to human performances. And about bullet 3: The first public beta of Ableton live Thanks very much for this info.

Thanks for this info. Perhaps I will try the beta, or perhaps I will wait.

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I just successfully downloaded and installed Ableton Live But in Projucer there are the Plugin Characteristics, that you can adjust. That usually does the trick: Screen Shot at It might be, that you have to try different options to see, what Ableton expects. And then there is always the possibility, that this feature is not yet fully working.

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I remember, that many hosts just recently support midi to midi plugins. Thanks for your help. I managed to get it working, but only just. It will consider it to be an audio effect though.

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I can get it to work as a midi plugin by putting it on track 1, and then creating track 2 and configuring it to read MIDI from track 1 Post-FX. The VST3 plug-in could not be opened. I signed up for the Ableton beta programme and managed to get my hands on a beta version which supported VST3.