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For users using Manga Studio 5 If you are using Manga Studio 5 and want to transfer your data, please install ver. Version 1. This are the instructions there so by using them you should be able to get the newest vesion of CSP. After new update 1.

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Seeking advice. Clip Studio Cloud Download problems, files not on the device give overwite option only. Audio not properly synced?

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About using software. None of my files show up in the manage works screen, I've tried registering them as materials, they don't appear in the manage material screen either. Help me recreate a Photoshop brush! Latest Like!

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Manga Studio 4 EX Tutorial: Custom Materials

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When the Select a Tone Set dialog box appears, enter a name for the tone set or use the default name and click OK. Optional When the main Computones installation menu appears, repeat Steps for any of the other resolution sets you want to install. If you're thinking of adding Computones to the main program's tone folder in hopes of using them in the main program, you're out of luck.

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Only the Computones function can read the sets. If you desperately need a Computone for the main program, be sure to check out the Computones folder in the Tones palette. Learn to sketch by working through these quick, simple lessons.

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