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Creating a volume or partition only takes a couple of clicks in Disk Utility. The setup wizard takes you through the process of creating a new partition and installing Windows on it. Over on Windows systems, the built-in tool you need is Disk Management—just search for it from the search box on the taskbar it may well appear as Create and format hard disk partitions , which gives away its primary purpose.

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First you need to reduce the size of your existing hard drive partition by whatever size you want the new partition to be: Right-click on it and choose Shrink Volume to do this. Once some space has been cleared, you can right-click on that and pick New Simple Volume to get the new partition formatted and ready to access.

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Obviously it depends on how much room you have available in total, and what you want to do with your newly partitioned space: A whole separate operating system is going to take up more room than a few documents. You can use that as a guide to how big your new partitions should be.

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Third-party partitioning programs offer a few advanced features on top of that, like easier partition management, partition merging and resizing, and built-in data recovery tools. While the macOS Disk Utility and the Windows Disk Management tool will do the job well enough, Paragon Hard Disk Manager throws in extras like partition recovery, easy disk copying, and easier partition resizing.

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The problem is this: Macs that dual-boot with Windows generally use a which is a way to get two partition tables to sort-of coexist on a disk. The is the authoritative partition table and is the one that MUST be modified by any tool that resizes partitions. In a hybrid MBR setup, one or more normally-empty fields in the are employed to replicate data in the GPT data structures.

Silverlight means Business. This step is optional, but we strongly recommend it to keep all information safe.

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Step 2. Use Disk Utility to shrink the Mac partition to release some unallocated space for the Bootcamp partition. Then set Bootcamp as Boot Disk and restart the Mac. Then choose the released unallocated space from the pop-up window, and drag the sliding button to change the size of free space users want to take from the unallocated space.

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Please restart it and then users can discover that the Bootcamp partition extending is successful, and all files are kept well. Set Bootcamp as Boot Disk and restart the Mac.

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Drag the arrow to resize the Bootcamp partition according to the personal need. Please notice that, MiniTool Partition Wizard has its own enhanced data protecting mode which can keep all data and source files safe when users move or resize partition and a power failure or hardware failure occurs. So using enhanced data protecting mode is strongly recommended.