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ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe technology has your back, and the scanner can restore color to faded images. The built-in transparency unit makes it easy to scan. The high-rise lid, opening up degrees, also makes it easy to capture books, photo albums, or 3D projects. Document Capture Software allows all of your scans to be sent directly to Google Docs, Evernote, and other cloud services. The ADSW will automatically skip it. The Touchscreen color display measures 3.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into one PDF on Mac

And you get free technical support for as long as you own it. Small, sleek, and fast, the Kodak Scanmate i supports the needs of businesses ranging from medical offices to banks to insurance agencies so they can focus on the needs of their clients. Able to scan everything from documents to IDs, the device can also turn them into PDFs, send them to cloud services, or attach them to emails to help facilitate day-to-day operations. However, keep in mind that there is no export support for mobile devices.

After that, documents will be scanned at a still rapid rate of 30 pages per minute. Dealing with financial information or barcodes? The scanner can be set to notice certain types of data in order to export them to a program of your choice. Brother offers several scanner models. The DS scans to cloud services, as well as to all traditional land-locked file systems, including searchable PDF.

The CanoScan LiDE is notable for the way it organizes and searches scanned PDF document files, but it can scan photos, too, both at 4, dpi resolution. And it's capable of saving to some cloud services. The top expands to accommodate larger, more awkward items that you might not think would be capable of scanning.

The ET16 Plus can scan both pages of an opened book at once and it can do it in about 1.

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It recognizes languages and will convert all of them to English or any other language you prefer. Scanned images also convert into editable documents such as Word or PDF. Small Business Small Business Tools. List Price: You Save: Speed, features, wireless, and size.

Scans super fast, ADF automatic document feeder works great, paper should be straight without crumbled edges to ensure good feed scans. Stand-alone product can scan directly to USB drive not provided or a running computer. This model does not scan to email or ftp as a stand-alone To setup the item, I used a wireless laptop with a usb connected for preliminary setup.

The software found the unit, found the wireless SSID name, and applied my settings to the device. From my Windows 7 desktop and Windows 8 laptops it found the device rather easily as well once it was connected to the wireless network. When scanning black and white images over the wireless the sheets feed through super quick and it gets transmitted to the computer or usb stick not provided very quick too Business speed ready in my opinion. Add to cart.

I got three of these Epson scanners to compare and see which works better.

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I also have a DS that's a few years old that I'm comparing to. I'm a computer tech who works with a lot of small medical offices. I prefer the Fujitsu Snapscan scanners, but a lot of offices need twain scanning to integrate with their software. The Fujitsu scanners that will do twain are pretty expensive so I tend to go Epson for the offices that need twain. I wanted to see if there's a reason to buy one or the other for the offices I work with.

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I'm sure you Unreal speed and accuracy. I have used at least 5 different scanners trying to find one that would handle years of old paperwork. I have thousands of tiny fuel receipts on crumpled carbon paper that no scanner would scan without jamming. This thing scans them so fast and hasn't missed a single one. It had literally saved me over 24 hours of work. Never thought a scanner would add days to my life but this one has.

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Can't recommend enough. And no I was not asked to leave a review. I rely on other reviews when making purchases and take writing mine seriously. Thanks for the awesome product worth every penny. This is my second ADS scanner. I use the first one in my home office an ADS purchased in and this ADSe in a small closet office in a condo. Both are reliable scanners with straight scans and few paper jams, and they're fast. I recently tried out the smaller ADS in the closet office, but had too many crooked scans and paper jams.

The ADS is far superior. The ADS is going back to Amazon. A word of advice, ditch the included software. The user interface is light years better.

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I scan to searchable pdf's and can find any doc in seconds with a few keystrokes in the Windows Explorer search field. I scanned in years of tax returns, receipts, and such and eliminated a tall 4-drawer file cabinet. Now everything sits comfortably on my hard drive and is backed up on an external drive Life changing! I discovered this in a YouTube video about minimalism as a way to get rid of hard copies of pictures in order to save space.

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I've had boxes of pictures that I've wanted to scan for a while now. I've scanned some of them, but using a flatbed scanner takes forever. This little baby is such a God send. I've been able to whip through my pictures in no time. I think in the day that I've had it, I've scanned more than 1, pictures.

The scan quality is great! I was considering this or the smaller Fuji scanner, but this was smaller and cheaper so I went this route and I do not regret it. I plan to use it to scan all my receipts and other papers I want to keep, but I don't have to have the physical copy. Support Mac and PC. I'd say if you really take some