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Looking for this symbol: Photoshop has has a full screen mode built in for years. Merely tap the f key in Photoshop. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Edoras Edoras 1 2. We don't know what you're talking about. I'm using Photoshop on High Sierra and never saw this icon before.

Photoshop CC: How to go actual full-screen on Mac | Photoshop Family Customer Community

Adobe apps don't do 'Apple fullscreen'. The panels along the right are the biggest problem, blocking much of the image from view. The issue is even worse on smaller screens running at lower screen resolutions:. If you want to give yourself a bit more room to work, you can switch to the second of Photoshop's three screen modes, known as Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar. Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar hides any interface elements that were part of the document window itself. This includes the tab at the top, the scroll bars along the right and bottom of the image, and the Status Bar in the lower left of the document window.

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It also hides the buttons for minimizing, maximizing and closing Photoshop which are normally found in the upper left of the interface. Also, if you had two or more images open in separate tabbed documents , only the active document remains visible. To fully maximize your work area, switch to the third of Photoshop's three screen modes, known simply as Full Screen Mode. You can select it by going up to the View menu at the top of the screen, choosing Screen Mode , and then choosing Full Screen Mode.

Or, click and hold on the Screen Mode icon at the bottom of the Toolbar and choose Full Screen Mode from the fly-out-menu:. If this is the first time you've selected Full Screen Mode, Photoshop will pop open a dialog box explaining the basics of how Full Screen Mode works.

I'll explain it in more detail in a moment. If you don't want to see this message every time you switch to Full Screen Mode, click the Don't show again checkbox. Then, click the Full Screen button:. In Full Screen Mode, Photoshop completely hides the interface. This leaves just the image itself visible, turning your entire screen into your work area:.

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  • You may be thinking, "Gee, that's really great, but how am I supposed to work with the interface completely hidden? But you actually don't need to be a Photoshop expert or a power user to work in Full Screen Mode. There's an easy way to bring back the interface when you need it. To temporarily show the Toolbar so you can switch tools while in Full Screen Mode, simply hover your mouse cursor anywhere along the left edge of the screen. Once you've selected a tool, drag your mouse cursor away from the edge and the Toolbar will disappear:.

    To temporarily show the panels while in Full Screen Mode, hover your mouse cursor anywhere along the right edge of the screen.

    photoshop cc (2017) full screen mode issue

    When you're done with the panels, drag your cursor away from the edge to hide them once again:. Since Photoshop's interface is completely hidden while you're in Full Screen Mode, you may be wondering how to get out of it and bring back the interface. To exit Full Screen Mode, simply press the Esc key on your keyboard. This will return you to the Standard Screen Mode. You can also temporarily show and hide the interface directly from your keyboard.

    These keyboard shortcuts work in all Screen Modes, not just Full Screen Mode, and they're a great way to give yourself extra room when you need it.

    The Standard Screen Mode

    In any of the three Screen Modes, press the Tab key on your keyboard to show or hide the Toolbar on the left, the Options Bar along the top and the panels on the right. But the fastest way to switch between Screen Modes is by cycling through them from the keyboard. Press F again to switch to Full Screen Mode. Pressing F while in Full Screen Mode does the same thing. And there we have it! That's a quick look at how to minimize the interface and maximize your work area by taking advantage of Screen Modes and other keyboard tricks in Photoshop! And, this brings us to the end of our Photoshop Interface series!

    If you missed any of the previous lessons in this chapter, check them out below:. Completed all the lessons? You're ready to move on to Chapter 4 where you'll learn everything you need to know to zoom and navigate your images like a pro in Photoshop! The interface clutter becomes more of a problem as we zoom in closer to the image. It may not look like it, but this image is still open in Photoshop. Full Screen Mode hides the interface.

    Photoshop Keyboard ShortCuts: Episode 1

    In Full Screen Mode, move your mouse cursor to the left edge to show the Toolbar. In Full Screen Mode, move your mouse cursor to the right edge to show the panels.