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However, when I try to run the install application, I get a warning that it must be run directly from the DVD. Feb 3, 9: HOw did you solve the problem after all my friend.

Feb 3, The thing is that i am not an expert with iMac technology. I 've just defected from PC's so i have no idea what target disk mode is!!! On the other hand i found an external optical dvd drive from a friend, connected with a usb.

Link: Remote Install Mac OS X Utility missing? | ITNinja

Do you think that it will be possible to use it and boot up the snow leopard installation DVD from it? Feb 3, 1: That should work, as long as your MacBookAir recognizes the optical drive. However, I would think it might be slow-going over a USB connection. If speed is not an issue, go for it. If you are willing to try "Target Disk Mode", the first reply to my original question explains how to do it, albeit pretty succinctly. And while the linked explanantion in that reply may look complicated, just follow the steps and you should have no problem just subsitute "optical drive" for "hard drive".

Feb 10, 3: As you all have said it is gone in Lion. However, I used my handy dandy Time Machine to restore the utility. Once restored, it works fine under Lion. Have fun.

Mar 5, You will be asked to authenicate it. Do so and away you go.

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Remote Install Mac OS X

I only have about 1gb left of free space on my external SSD so I can't just upgrade to Sierra and go from there. That way I can just hold the Option key down as I boot up and connect to my Wi-Fi network and have it "see" the hosted image like a NetInstall or something similar. Both deploy studio and server. The only wrinkle added for As long as your Mac can connect to both the NetBoot server and Apple's servers you will be prompted to update the Touch Bar if needed.

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