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Once your Mac is running in Safe Mode, some applications will no longer be available. You can manage the list of startup applications manually, removing the potential buggy apps one at a time to see if it affects the performance. There is still a problem though. To diagnose your Mac more precisely, we recommend performing a full scan with some dedicated Mac cleaning app. As described above, CleanMyMac is our favorite you can download this app here for free.

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Note that it may take longer than usual to boot your computer: You will not have to hold the Shift key when the computer restarts, simply log in when prompted. To find your boot mode, click on the Apple logo in the menu top left and select This Mac. Choose System Report, then Software, and from there you will be able to see whether you are in normal or safe mode. Your performance speed will change.

Typically macOS will run slower when it is in Safe Mode due to the reduced processes, but if you have noticed some serious lagging this may be improved by the faulty applications being restricted.

Mac startup key combinations

Running your macOS in Safe Mode is normally used to troubleshoot glitches that you have noticed, such as lag, crashing, or spontaneous closures of applications. You should try to use your Mac as you normally do so that you can see if the issues have disappeared in Safe Mode or are still there. The Mac Startup Manager will update as needed, so if you add or remove bootable drives or devices on your Mac, the list will automatically display the current options.

As long as the Mac is compatible with operating system contained on the selected drive, your Mac will continue booting the designated operating system. The Mac Startup Manager works great if you have a number of boot options from which to choose, but your Mac also recognizes a few additional startup keys that direct it to boot immediately from a specific source.

What is Mac Recovery Mode?

OS X offers a similar mode called Safe Boot. Just as with its Windows counterpart, OS X Safe Boot should be used to help troubleshoot issues that may be caused by corrupt or incompatible software, or to help isolate software issues from hardware failures. Keep holding Shift until you see a gray progress bar appear beneath the Apple boot logo.

Things you can do in Internet Recovery Mode

Keep holding the keys until your Mac reboots itself and you hear the startup chime a second time. At this point you can release the keys and your Mac should boot as normal.

How to restore my Mac in Recovery or Internet Recovery Mode

Your startup disk will check for errors and make repairs, and only use the required kernel extensions. This mode will also prevent the startup and login items from opening when your Mac starts up.

It disables custom user-installed fonts and clears a number of macOS system caches too. This can make it hard to attempt a fix. It's called Apple Service Diagnostic, and we'll show you how to get it and use it for best results.

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  8. This is ideal if you have problems with your hard drive or recovery partition. This includes date and time, volume, desktop settings, and so on. Shut down your Mac, power it up, then immediately hit the key combination above.

    Wait till your Mac reboots again, then let go of the combination. Most Apple computers use the combination of keys provided above, but some models require you remove batteries or remove the power cord instead.

    Recovery mode is your ticket to solving many macOS problems from a friendly environment. Here's a troubleshooting guide to help get your external hard drive or flash drive working again. Later you also may want to restore it. Here's how to do both. If you want to transfer files from one Mac hard drive to another, Target Disk mode makes it simple.

    By starting a Mac in Target Disk mode, you can connect it to another Mac and copy files to and from the drives.